My Longing For The Night. Poem By Kathryn Andren

Many hours of heart’s delight

receiving stars in chill of night

I feel you friends, teachers and guides

near and far, whispering wise


The Zodiac marks time, through space

It soul’s choice to descend and find this place


Our home planet, place of birth

With gratitude we arrive on Earth

Souls descend through Sacred hoop

Ancestors align on Galactic loop


Cosmic keys and a Solstice Sun, 

My mystical man Orion

We honor four directions:  

Bull, Human, Eagle, Lion


Spontaneously in the light of day

While missing friends in garden play

Those starry scenes from black of night

Twinkle through the blue in full daylight


Not just up, or out or down

Suddenly the stars are all around

Pollux, Castor, Capella, Procyon

Regulus, heart of the Lion


There’s Queen Cassiopeia with her  crown, 

Her seven daughters staring down

There’s Aldebaran, red eye of the bull

Blue sparkling Sirius fills me full


For lifetimes, moons, I’ve stared above

Journeying through stars I love

At dawn when day star returns its light

I feel my longing for the night


These blessed stars, alive in me

Radiate wisdom for all to see

Heaven above and Earth below

One in the same, it is so


on the occasion of Spring Equinox 2014

When Is The Next Mercury Retrograde And How To Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You.

When is the next Mercury Retrograde?
The next Mercury Retrograde is November 16 - December 6, 2018.  Mercury the Messenger in the sassy sign of Sagittarius squares off to nebulous Neptune at the beginning of this cycle. This sets the tone for this November 2018 Mercury Retrograde creating an emphasis on:

  • poetic language

  • going with the flow

  • compassion and patience in communication

How can you make the next Mercury Retrograde work for you? Extra discernment is required with word choices to create clarity for healthy boundaries.

Mercury Retrograde cycles encourage spontaneity and slowing down before moving to far, too fast into the future. 

Why Does Mercury Retrograde Get A Bad Rap?
Mercury Retrograde is a  three week cycle (occurring three times a year) that has a reputation for glitches in communications and travel connections. Therefore, many approach this period with trepidation.

But we don’t have to cease all activity, communications and forward movement! Mercury Retrograde doesn’t always meddle with our communications and plans, but presents us with opportunities when we align with the prevalent energy. 

While Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation for some, here is an empowered approach. Mercury only appears to move backward in the sky from the perspective of Earth. This apparent motion is only an illusion, however. As a symbol, a retrograde is a heavenly message is to reflect, review, reconsider and redo.  Listed below are best ways to optimize the opportunities of Mercury retrograde and align with the positive benefits of this cycle.

What Happens During Mercury Retrograde?
Mercury is the planet of communication and commerce, logical thinking and linear order. When Mercury is retrograde, the gift of this cycle is a shift from left to right brain focus. There is less attention on logical order, with a greater invitation to rest, relax and regenerate. Use this time to be creative. Think out of the box. In general, Mercury retrogrades support spontaneity.  Reorganize and reinvent yourself!

What is Mercury Retrograde?
Mercury is known both as the Messenger and the Trickster. With an orbit so close to the Sun, you may only see Mercury in the west just after sunset or in the east just before sunrise. Its apparent motion in the sky give clues to it’s symbolic meaning for our life here on Earth. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t, either as a morning star, an evening star or hidden by the light of the Sun. This movement here and there translates to commerce and trade, as well as how to exchange ideas.

6 Suggestions to Make Mercury Retrograde Work For You:

1. Repeat - Double check yourself

Mercury relates to commerce and trade. Take extra time during Mercury retrograde to balance your checkbook or review your on-line accounting. Check bills and invoices to avoid mistakes.

2. Review and research

When Mercury is retrograde, there is a symbolic reversal - it’s best to take time out and reflect. Mercury is a planet that relates to the mind. It represents the mental realm of order and logic. Revise projects, review your plans and reorganize your closets.

This is a time to pull back before moving forward. If possible, avoid major purchases, creating new contracts, or scheduling serious surgery during this time. Do your research before taking action.

3. Be proactive - Take care of your technology.

Mercury the Messenger is all about communications and connections. Back up your computer and make sure all your ducks are in a row around your technology. Avoid glitches to maintain connection.

4. Reconfirm - Car care and transportation timing.

Review your coming travel plans. Mercury rules all things related to transportation; planes, trains and automobiles. When was your last oil change? Double check car registration and make sure insurance cards are up to date, and in your car!

5. Watch Your Mouth - Create kind communication.

How do you know for sure what you said is what the other person hears and understands?  Remember times when you are listening to someone, and for some reason you may only selectively hear half of what the other is saying! This is even more common during Mercury Retrograde. 

Be proactive and compassionate in your conversations. With friends and lovers, bosses or co-workers, take the time to repeat yourself to be sure what you said is what was heard. 

Practice with phrases like, “So what I heard you say was . . .” or even ask the other person to repeat back what you just said, simply to be sure you got your point across. Be patient with yourself and others if you have to repeat something in order to create more ease and understanding in the end.

6. Relax - Keep space in your schedule.

Spontaneity is your friend during Mercury retrograde. When acts of randomness occur, it helps to have a little extra time to make adjustments. Keep some open space in your schedule for happy surprises. It is easier to go with the flow when you don’t overbook yourself.  If things get haywire, then there is breathing room to deal with potential problems as they arise. Relax yourself, and life is smoother.

When is Mercury Retrogrades in 2018
March 22 - April 15, 2018 Mercury Retrograde in Aries
Be proactive, get your taxes done early!

July 26 - August 18, 2018 Mercury Retrograde in the zodiac sign of Leo
Reconsider communications form the Heart

November 16 - December 6, 2018 Mercury Retrogrades from Sagittarius into the sign of Scorpio
Speak your truth with power and passion

Kathryn Andren is the founder of The Love Astrologer, based in New York with clients across the USA and abroad. Devoted to healing service since 1997, she holistically integrates astrology, art & energy healing bodywork in her private practice. Her deep connection to the natural world brings both a passionate and practical approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. Schedule Love Relationship Readings, an individual Soul Pattern Session or your very own Live Passionately session series with KathrynAndren.

Astrology Associations and the Mystical Kabbalah

Astrology & The Mystical Kabbalah by Kathryn Andren

What do the Four Universes, the 22 Hebrew letters and the Kabbalah Tree of Life have to do with astrology? Nearly everything! The roots of this practice relate to the 12 months of the year, the seven visible planets and synergy of the elements. Kabbalah is rooted in ancient Judaic mysticism which can through study and practice, bring you into direct relationship with the divine. 

This article touches a few core concepts of the mystical Kabbalah. It serves as an invitation for deeper inquiry and to cultivate more conscious awareness of:

  • The Four Universes in your own life.

  • The Anatomy of the Tree of Life

  • An exploration of three Hebrew letters, a brief meditation connecting to the elements fire, air and water.

To learn more, consider joining me and Donna Woodwell for an online workshop FEB 20th, Kabbalah for astrologers. Register here. 


 Queen of Heaven Ascends the Tree of Life, A cosmic collage by Kathryn Andren c.2012

Queen of Heaven Ascends the Tree of Life, A cosmic collage by Kathryn Andren c.2012

Here are a few core concepts of Kabbalah. I invite you to consider the possibility of holding these new concepts as a frame of mind during your consultation practice.

Kabbalah means “to receive”. “I receive the already present divinity within you”. As astrologers we “give” readings to our clients. In actuality, we are the ones receiving. It is a gift and opportunity to serve another, reflecting and seeing the divine manifest in others.  As astrologers, consider how we may we reflect our clients divinity back to them.

 Kabbalah teaches that there is no place that G-d is not. The divine permeates everything and is it’s manifestation. This essentially means, whatever “is”, the divine is present there. Joy or sorrow, bliss or challenge, Kabbalah acknowledges that an evolution of consciousness requires being in a frame of mind that is beyond duality.

So what does Kabbalah have to do with astrology? Just as your astrology birth chart is a map for life, the Kabbalah is a map of consciousness and the cosmos.

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, that are associated with the22 Major Arcana of a Tarotdeck. These 22 letters can be divided into three categories: 

  • 3 Mother letters relate to elements: Fire, Air and Water. (Earth is not missing, it is ever present and embodies everything!)

  • 7 Double letters relate to the visible planets.

  • 12 letters connect to the months of the year or the Zodiac signs.

There are Four Universes which relate to the four realms of life or the four elements:

  • Atzilut is the divine world, the spiritual plane or the fire element.

  • Beriah is the intellectual world, the mental plane or the air element.

  • Yetzirah is the psychological world, the emotional plane or the water element.

  • Asiyah is the material world, the physical plane or the earth element.

There are 10 Sefirot, shimmering qualities of the Divine, on the Tree of Life. They are connected by the 22 Hebrew letters. Most Sefirot correspond to a planet and holds it’s own unique quality. They relate to the 10 commandments and each has it’s own angel. The Tree of Life is a map of consciousness and the body. This list below names the Sefirot with its related body area, essential quality and planet association.

Keter - Crown / Skull

Chochmah - Wisdom / Right brain. 

    Holds Uranus qualities, inspiration like lightning 

Binah - Understanding / Left brain

    Similar to Saturn, holds form, container and boundary

Da'at - Knowledge / Central brain

    The mystery or unknowable one.

Chesed - Kindness / Right arm

    Jupiter & Neptune qualities of boundlessness and expansion

Gevurah - Severity / Left arm

    Mars qualities of action, direction and focus

Tiferet - Beauty/ Torso - Heart

    Sun, radiance, self centered awareness 

Netzach - Victory / Right leg, Kidney

    Venus, quality of loving self esteem

Hod - Glory / Left leg, Kidney

    Mercury, quality of logical thinking and order

Yesod - Foundation /Sexual organ

    Moon, quality of magnetic attraction

Malkuth - Kingship / Mouth, Feet

    Earth, embodies all that is on Earth plane. Supports solid foundation.


The 10 Sefirot are connected on the Tree of Life by the 22 Hebrew letters. Note that the letters serve as pathways between the Sefirot. Each of the letters may be used individually as a tool for meditation, or multiple letters are combined in a countless variety of combinations. 

While there are many ways to enter and explore the Tree of Life, here is one introduction to acknowledge the elemental energies present in the three Mother Letters. The Mother Letters are Aleph, Shin and Mem. These elementals appear as the horizontal branches on the Tree, while the vertical branches relate to 7 visible planets, and the 12 diagonal branches connect to the 12 months of the year.


Aleph lives in the body in between the shoulders across the heart space. It has no sound of its own, but a silent ‘ah’ like an exhale. It is the first letter so it is used as a tool or a seed to initiate action.

Bring your attention and awareness to your rib cage and the heart space. Take three deep breaths.  Inhale, then exhale quietly with the subtle sound of AHHHH. This letter and this subtle sound relates to the air element.  Aleph is the creative spark, the balance point between fire and water.


Mem lives in the body in the pelvis between the hips.  Mem begins the Hebrew word for water, relating to a sea of consciousness and the word “maggid", the Hebrew name for angel, supporting a connection to your teachers or guides. 

Bring your attention and awareness to your hips and pelvis. Take three deep breaths. Inhale, then exhale enthusiastically with the sound MMMMMM. This letter and this sound relates to the water realm, so it supports connection to the emotional body.



Shin lives in the body across the head, in between the right and left brain. Shin begins the words, “shalom” for peace, “shabbat” for rest and “shanna" for the year, as in wholeness. This letter and this sound relates to the fire element. Use Shin for transformation and integration. It serves as a tool for meditation, when you want to integrate multiple things or perspectives.


Bring attention to the center of your head. Take three deep breaths. Inhale then exhale with your breath and the sound, SHHHHH. This letter integrates right and left sides, logic and flow. Allowing your body to relax still more, open up all the channels and the circuits between the two sides, allowing a depth of integration and peace. 


Remember, learn more about  the Mystical Kabbalah and Kabbalah for Astrologers with Kathryn Andren & Donna Woodwell on February 20th, 2016 Register here. If you cannot make the time at noon eastern, note you will be sent a download to listen whenever you like!

Kathryn Andren is dedicated to healing service as an astrologer, writer & intuitive based in New York and the Hawaiian islands. Kathryn holistically integrates astrology, massage and energy healing bodywork in her private practice. Her deep connection to land, sea and sky brings both a passionate and practical approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom.

Currently, she is special events manager and a featured writer for  Check out her new audio course, “The Secrets to the Zodiac, A Foundation Guide to Astrology” coming soon.

Light Up Your Life with Color Healing & Chakras Class MAY 25

Let's lighten up! Check out this 2014 radio interview with Donna Woodwell as we illuminate the chakra system & color's healing power.  This episode called, "What Color Are You" is a sample of the Color Healing & Chakras Class

Click ABOVE or download direct the "Donna Philosophica: What Color Are You:" radio interview here:   Donna Philosophica - What Color Are You 20140508.mp3

Color Healing & The Chakras

Balance & energize your life with a conscious use of color.  Learn the language of color to clearly identify, express & balance emotion.  Color healing supports radiating your innate gifts  & shining in the light of your authentic power.  Embody simple & powerful tools to empower body & spirit.

The Power of a Poem, My Feelings Are A Gift.

Back in August 2012, my friend Dana and I took a walk at one of our neighborhood power places, The City of Refuge. As we turned the corner of the sacred temple site at the Pu'u Honua O'Honaunau, Dana asked me, "so, Kathryn Andren, how do you feel about feeling your feelings?"

HA! I laughed to myself internally and replied to her, that when she said that, my throat actually contracted. ( I was vehclempt!) Thanks to her expertise as a LMFT and a series of exercises called SRI, she facilitated a unique experience for me.  Here I got the ah-ha understanding when I feel my true feelings, my feelings are a gift to me. When I share my true feelings with others, I gift them as well.  To celebrate this event, I  wrote a this poem called “My feelings Are A Gift". I shared a revised version of this poem at a recent Poetry Slam, at the Gallery Meld in Kona on March 22, 2014.  It was this poem that brought me to the "bonus round" for 4th place.  What fun to deliver this poem and "Life At The Crossroads" from my previous post to a room of over 100 people.


"My Feelings are a Gift"
by Kathryn Andren c. August 2012, revised for 2014.

My feelings are a gift
For me and for you
When I feel my feelings 
Then I honor whats true

Happy, sad, joyful, mad
Blissful amazement, overwhelmed glad

My feelings are a gift liberating me,
When I share my feelings, all of us are free

At the City of Refuge we heard voices
To clear old beliefs and make new choices
A Stone Circle created in the sand
A Healing vortex on sacred land

Protected by the Beings sitting on the wall
We felt safe and strong to voice for all
Moving rocks we had some nerve,
But They knew we were here to serve.

Breathing deeper, we move higher, 
with wind and land, water and fire.

Transformed, awakened, dancing palms near
Whispering wind let us know loud and clear
These Hawaiian islands were once voiceless
Now Ancestors bless us to make new choices

An initiation, for expressing more.
This is what you came here for.

My feelings are a gift,
Liberating me,
When we share our feelings,
Then we all are free.


Art and Astrology Interview, Whale Tales & More

Aloha Mai,

This is the Hawaii greeting for Welcome.  I am excited to announce I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Donna Woodwell, friend and fellow astrologer.  Today, March 6, 2014, on the #36 episode of her broadcast, we discussed the inspiration for the astrology and art, my NEW Cosmic Collage art gallery, Whale tales and more! Click on #36 The ARTIST STAR.  Enjoy this fun and engaging discussion here.  


Women with Wings Inspiration

May 2013 I attended a women’s gathering in honor of Mothers Day.  While for years my own birth mother lives far away, often on Mother’s Day I enjoy celebrating a way to connect to my own inner feminine, the divine mother, or do something to support my creativity.  This gathering of 12 women provided the perfect opportunity to nurture the needs for creativity and connection.  The afternoon concluded with the facilitator leading us through a meditation. This activated a series of comic collages that blossomed over the summer of 2013. Check out the Winged Ones Gallery space to see what has emerged. Below is the story that inspired many of these cosmic collages.


This meditation is based the book Circle of Stones, A Women’s Journey to Herself by Judith Duerk. In  the guided meditation, I am asked to imagine myself in the arms of my mother. She passes me back to my grandmother, then my great grandmother. I see in my minds eye a long line of mothers.  This is the line of my ancestors, a lineage of women.  I am invited to imagine myself being passed back in the arms of my ancestors all the way to the First Mother. The Divine Mother.  What is your image of Divine Mother, the facilitator asks gently?   Is it Mother Mary, a wild forest or a deep dark cave?  Not for me. Personally, I went into deep space.  I am beyond the stars.  My impression of Divine Mother is totally black, I am in the void.


I love it here. I know this is as The Void. The Void is the creation place. It is the womb of creation, the magic place where anything can be birthed. There are no words, no sound, no light or color. I am totally nurtured by this deep dark nurturing stillness. I love it here. There is timeless in The Void.


Suddenly, the facilitator invites the group to bring our attention back to here and now and I realize I have some work to do before I can return.  On my journey to the Mother, I did not follow directions exactly.  I took a detour and added another aspect to the journey.  After I passed myself along the line of my ancestors, I then invited the whole line to come with me!  I imagined my mother being held as a baby in the arms of my grandmother, and passed her back on the line. Then my grandmother became a child. She was held and passed back, too.  So in my minds eye, I brought the whole line of my ancestors into the Void. Even those I could not recognize or see, I felt them there.


Before I could birth myself from the Void, I decided I must imagine my line of ancestors emerging before me to carry me out.  After approximately twenty percent of the line reappeared something very strange happened. I noticed several generations of women who were unusually tall. There is something wildly unusual about them, they have wings!  There were only a few generations of these winged women, but their presence stirred wild ideas in my imagination.  Who are our ancestors?  Where did we come from really?  What can I do today to integrate the wisdom and awareness of the past into the here and now. 


The inspiration from this mothers day mediation spawned a burst of creativity, both collage and writing. From May through September 2013, I closed my office 2 - 3 days a month and the healing room became art studio.  Check out the Winged Ones Gallery space to see what emerged, a series of winged women, cosmic collage and more.

Galactic Alchemist

I was called to move to Big Island Hawai’i in part because here is where earth, air, fire and water meet. Hidden in this image is a scene from Kalapana, where hot molten lava meets the sea. Here is where I first fell in love with Hawai’i.  Lava passionately pours into crashing waves of water, casting steam and generating smoke plumes high into the air.  As this lava cools, it creates new land, new life. It is an ultimate witness of creation.

What is required to start anew? The union of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the elements of alchemy. These elements create a cosmic blend of the four universes, the four levels of existence: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  When these worlds within are aligned, you can make magic! 

Here, a winged one stirs up a galaxy with magic of moonlight and alchemy of the elements, consciously creating new worlds.  "You are after all, your own inner universe".