2015 Astrology: Revealing Retrogrades & What You Need to Know for 2015

Revealing Retrogrades and what you need to know for 2015 Astrology.

Looking ahead for this new year, many people have asked me, What is important to know for  2015? This is the beginning of Mercury retrograde, a time to look back and reflect. Personally, I feel like l’ve been in my very own retrograde for the past 2 to 3 months or so. Now it feels time to reveal a few reflections and insights for 2015 astrology.



Last month on Christmas Eve I took myself on the most beautiful hike.  Pu’u Wa Wa is my new favorite place in Hawaii.  It is a long hike, with beauty around every corner.  Along the way,  with physical body sweating and mental energy burning, I am contemplating all the personal and professional changes I had been through in the past year.  At several points along the way, I almost stopped, and turned around. I could hear myself saying “That’s enough”.  Then just as quickly, I hear my very own retaliation, “Keep going”.  I listen to this voice, the part that doesn’t want to give up. It is so worth it.  After hiking uphill nearly two hours, I am finally positioned in the middle of the five mountains: Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai, the Kohalas and across the ocean, magical Maui. At the top of the Pu’u (the Hawaiian word for hill or cinder cone) the view is my reward at the top.  There is satisfaction to completing what I start.  The adventure of exploring new vistas reframes my view of the world, Hawaii island and myself.

 Hike at Pu'u Wa Wa, Mauna Kea in the distance

Hike at Pu'u Wa Wa, Mauna Kea in the distance

What do you need to know for 2015? Just keep going, step by step.  

Below is my astrology update for 2015.  Here is an extensive list of dates and numbers, astrology news you can use with planet patterns and Zodiac signs. Simply remember, step by step. The rest is detail, and in the end, reward!

Retrogrades in 2015

When a planet stations retrograde or goes direct, astrologers say there is more power with this planet. Why? From our view on Earth it appears to stay still in the same place in the sky. Like an acupuncture session that aligns the meridians, the planets energize this particular part of the sky.  If you have planets in your personal birth chart near these retrograde points, pay attention!  Reflect on your own personal birth chart with this reference for 2015 to find the potent points activated by this year’s sky story.

2015 Mercury Retrogrades are focused in the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  The air signs of the Zodiac represent the mind or the mental realm, so this year’s Mercury Retrogrades represent a time to review and realign thought processes.  

While Mercury retrograde sometimes gets a bad rap for glitches and miscommunications, the gift of this cycle is a shift from left to right brain focus. There is less attention on order and logic, with a greater invitation to rest, relax and regenerate.  Align with the positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde.  Be in a creative space. Think out of the box.  Mercury Retrogrades in general support spontaneity. 

Mercury is known both as the Messenger and the Trickster. With an orbit so close to the Sun, you may see Mercury in the west just after sunset or in the east just before sunrise. Mercury not only supports both commerce and trade, but how to exchange ideas. As Mercury is the ruler of communications, commerce and transportation, it’s important to double check any details in these areas.

Three Mercury Retrogrades 2015

January 21 - February 11: 17 Aquarius to 1 Aquarius
May 18 to June 11: 13 Gemini to 4 Gemini
September 17 to October 9: 15 Libra to 0 Libra

Supportive suggestions for Mercury Retrograde:

Mistakes may happen. Double check details. 

Be kind with your self if you have to redo or repeat something.

Remember: back up computers, take care of car maintenance and review receipts.

If possible, avoid major purchases, creating contracts, or serious surgery during this time.

Don’t push the river, go with the flow

Venus Retrograde
July 25 - September 5: 0 Virgo to 14 Leo

Note to wedding planners, when Venus the Goddess of Love is Retrograde, it is not the best time to schedule a wedding date. As in Mercury Retrograde, the review and reconsideration during Venus Retrograde is in the area of love and relationship.  Questions to contemplate: What does the heart want?  What is my heart’s desire?  Most of this retrograde occurs in the Zodiac sign of Leo.  If your Sun sign is Leo and you are  born August 7 - August 23, you will be especially touched by this cycle.

Jupiter is transiting the sky story for 2015 is in Zodiac signs of Leo and Virgo. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system so symbolically it expands whatever it touches. Jupiter is retrograde until April 7th then stations direct at 12 Leo.  By the end of the year, Jupiter reaches 23 Virgo.  This means all those with birthdays from August 5 through September 16 have a cycle of expansion this year as Jupiter meets your Sun or rising sign. Let your light shine!  Is your Sun or Rising Sign in mid to late Leo or early to mid Virgo, this year for you to be really being seen!

Saturn recently rolled into Sagittarius at the end of 2014 after over two years in serious Scorpio.  Serious Saturn represents rules, structure and order.  In the fire sign of Sagittarius, Saturn is more uplifted, with a focus on truth.  How can I refine my standard for living in my truth?  On the world stage, there may be additional focus on religion and spiritually, including fundamentalism as we have already seen in world events in Paris this past month. 

Saturn Retrograde 
March 14 - August 1st: 5 Sagittarius to 28 Scorpio

While Saturn is in Sagittarius most of 2015, it slips back into Scorpio for three months from mid June to mid September.  Review any unfinished business in the emotional realm.  Remember to create healthy boundaries with shared resources.  Those with birthdays from November 21 to 28th are experiencing Saturn with your Sun, this is a year to refine how you shine. Let go of what no longer serves you, and make space for further efficiency. 

Aloha from Hawaii Island.

Kathryn Andren
January 21, 2015
day one, Mercury Retrograde

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