A Call for Courage: Sway in the Serious Moonlight of Leo Full Moon, January 23, 2016


Leo Full Moon is about connecting to the heart.  Generally, Leo is all about let’s play! There is an emphasis on heartfelt friendships and creating connections with the Sun in Aquarius. Take a chance and reach out to people you really love or who stir your desires. This month’s planet patterns however are an invitation for some serious soul searching and to dive deeper in your dialogue with yourself and others. Who do you truly love? What is your secret passion? Notice carefully who or what inspires your creativity.

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Full Moon in Leo, Kathryn’s Questions for Contemplation:

  • Do I take pride in myself and my work?
  • Do I give generously?
  • Is my contribution lasting and valuable?
  • Is there something that needs to be communicated or expressed that is currently left unsaid?

The planet ruler for Leo is the Sun. The three days surrounding this Full Moon offers opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Notice if you feel disheartened, or if you are hiding some aspect of yourself, find the courage dig deep, then let your light shine! Here are more planet patterns that give further definition to this Leo Full Moon:

1. Strut your stuff, Leo Moon is loud!

Sun and Moon squared off to Mars in secretive Scorpio:
Moon in Leo is loud and lit up by the Sun in freedom loving Aquarius.  Yet, pushy Mars in seductive Scorpio squares both the Sun and the Moon. This adds drama, power and passion to the mix this weekend.  The heat is on for a date night or add fuel to the fire with your projects and plans! 

2. Connect to the power of your heart.

Moon in Leo creates a yod pattern or a “finger of God” with Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Capricorn:
What is your deepest dream? Do you have an empowered action plan in alignment with your true values to make your dream work for you? Hold the vision of your heart's desire then marry it with a practical plan. Generosity, creativity and enthusiasm are your greatest allies to bring your dreams to reality this month.

 Pele's Passion. A cosmic collage by Kathryn Andren c.2013 Mars in Scorpio meeting Moon and Sun for Leo Full Moon inspires passionate creativity.

Pele's Passion. A cosmic collage by Kathryn Andren c.2013
Mars in Scorpio meeting Moon and Sun for Leo Full Moon inspires passionate creativity.

3. Reflection required. Chose your words carefully.

Mercury stations with potent Pluto and squares off to unpredictable Uranus: 
Pluto is the lord of the underworld, and he invites us to see what is below the surface.  Mercury the Messenger is about commerce, trade and communication. On the global stage, fear has been arising with the markets dropping related to an excess of oil.  (Pluto = oil/under the surface, Mercury = commerce/communications and trade).  

On a personal level, consider all thoughts have you been revisiting or processing. Dive deeper, leave no stone unturned! Uranus the awakener is activating both process-oriented Pluto and Mercury the messenger this week to bring truth to light about our thought patterns. Activating Uranus remains in a close square to potent Pluto in the coming months serving as a catalyst to bring whatever is hiding below the surface to a higher level.  More clarity in communication is available early February after Mercury moves direct January 25th.

4. Do the right thing.

Jupiter near the destiny point, the north node of the Moon in Virgo:
In a personal astrology reading, the North Node of the Moon is often viewed as a point of destiny.  Do you want to know your life intention and purpose? Look to the Moon’s nodes by sign and house placement for some clear answers.  In today’s sky story, as Jupiter in Virgo meets this point, there is an expansion in the collective intention about how we as individuals can be of service to each other.  Am I doing right work? Am I in the right place, at the right time, with the right people?  Jupiter in Virgo expands the need for efficiency and doing the right thing.

While a Leo Full Moon has a tendency toward excess, other planet patterns this month say tone it down, do the right thing, and get to work!

Full Moon in Leo this weekend is January 23, 8:45 PM Eastern and 5:45 PM Pacific.

In honor of an amazing artist who left an inspiring contribution to the music world, here are a few lyrics from David Bowie’s song “Let’s Dance”.  Note how the lyrics also sum up the themes for this Full Moon in Leo:

If you say run, I'll run with you

If you say hide, we'll hide

Because my love for you

Would break my heart in two

If you should fall

Into my arms

And tremble like a fool

Let's dance for fear

your grace should fall

Let's dance for fear tonight is all

Let's sway you could look into my eyes

Let's sway under the moonlight, 

this serious moonlight

Here is a clip from one of my favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz. If you made it this far, enjoy another minute with words of wisdom from the cowardly Lion! 

Have Courage!

Kathryn Andren is an astrologer, writer and intuitive based in New York and Hawaii. Dedicated to healing service since 1997, she integrates astrology, art, & energy healing bodywork in her private practice. Her deep connection to land, sea and sky inspires a holistic approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. 

She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. Consult with Kathryn for your personal astrology update. Schedule a session here