A Look to the Future: Progress and Productivity for Aquarius New Moon, February 8, 2016

Aquarius is the sign of the future, it is forward thinking and progressive. Have your new year’s resolutions been delayed? Due to January’s Mercury retrograde and more, some may have experienced 2016 as off to a slow start. Planet patterns now in early February promises productivity and inspiration to get things done.

New Moons are a time to planet seeds in the mind and heart. Where do you want to invest your time and energy? The three days near a New Moon is a reminder to start over.


The Full Moon is February 8, 2016 

8:53 AM Eastern and 5:53 Pacific

19 degrees 16’ Aquarius 



Embody the Essence of Aquarius

Be open minded, free thinking and consider inventive possibilities. Gather information and assess the needs of the group. Break free of limitations and explore how you can serve the needs of humanity. Contemplate your unique gifts and your relationship to collective humanity and the Cosmos.  Meditate to open the heart and higher chakras.  


Excerpts from “The Secrets to the Zodiac, A Foundation Guide to Modern Astrology” by Kathryn Andren



Get Fired up with Inspiration and Action

The modern planet ruler for Aquarius is Uranus, offering insight, inspiration and high energy to take things to the next level. The ancient ruler for Aquarius is Saturn, suggesting a tone of let’s get serious and get to work.

There is inspiration for action with an enthusiastic vision for practical changes this month as Saturn in Sagittarius sweet talks with elevating Uranus in activating Aries. These planets in the fire signs fuel both vision and action.



Motivated Mars sparks Authentic Insights for Aquarius New Moon

A dynamic tension between thought and action occurs as the Sun and the Moon in visionary Aquarius is squared off to Mars in secretive Scorpio. Bring passion to empower your intentions for forward movement now. Be decisive and discerning. The heat is on to add fuel to the fire with your projects and plans.  Think ahead clearly, and choose your actions wisely.



Let’s get to work! More momentum with Mercury Direct

Mercury the messenger is moving ahead now, and just met the love goddess Venus days before this New Moon. Conscious communication on what you love and truly value is required.

Jupiter remains near the destiny point, the north node of the Moon, in the zodiac sign of Virgo. In a personal astrology reading, the north node of the Moon is viewed as a point of destiny, it shows you where you are going in this lifetime. If you want to know your life intention and purpose, evolutionary astrologers look to the Moon’s nodes by sign and house placement for clear answers. Since Jupiter is the largest planet, this is always a symbol of expansion. As Jupiter continues it’s journey with the north node in Virgo, the theme continues of a collective intention about how we as individuals be of service to each other.  


Kathryn’s Questions for Contemplation:

Am I doing right work? 

Am in in the right place, in the right time with the right people?

What is the bigger picture for how I can share my gifts with humility to humanity? 


Kathryn Andren is an astrologer, writer and intuitive based in New York and Hawaii. Dedicated to healing service since 1997, she integrates astrology, art, & energy healing bodywork in her private practice. Her deep connection to land, sea and sky inspires a holistic approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. 

She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. Consult with Kathryn for your personal astrology update. Schedule a session here