Intuition Requires Action: October Aries Full Moon Inspires Faith and Action

October is a month for inspired action with the Aries Full Moon October 15, 2016. Jupiter in Libra now adds emphasis on being in integrity with your value system and honoring powerful connections in all relationships. 

Planet patterns this month serve as an initiation process to access intuition. Be open to new insights. When you are inspired, DO something with it and take action! Here is the update for this month’s Full Moon and the bigger picture with Jupiter in Libra.

Full Moon October 15 is at 23 Aries (11:23 EST and 8:23 Pacific)

The October Full Moon in Aries aligns with Uranus, activating intuition, and energizing new momentum. Take the opportunity three days before and three days after the Full Moon to energize your intentions to support whatever you are creating these days. Uranus is the first planet in our solar system beyond the view of the naked eye. Therefore, any aspect to Uranus symbolically represents pushing the limits or going beyond boundaries to take something to a higher level.  Uranus near this Full Moon activates randomness. Expect the unexpected!

Being in right relationship and integrity is crucial right now. Are you aligned in mind and heart? Body and spirit? Take care to maintain the balance of thought, word and deed while you are pushing the boundaries of what you think is possible.  Harmony and diplomacy take center stage with three planets in Libra this month: the Sun, Mercury and expansive Jupiter. Libra is an air sign, so this is a heavy emphasis on the mental realm, the world of thought. Remember, thought directs energy. More juicy details for Jupiter in Libra below.


October astrology is an opportunity to breakthrough the limits of what you think you can or cannot do.
 Paradise Garden. A cosmic collage by Kathryn Andren 2014

Paradise Garden. A cosmic collage by Kathryn Andren 2014

Full Moon Meets Inspiring Uranus in Impulsive Aries!

Contemplation Questions:

  • Are you feeling confined or restricted in some way?  
  • In what ways have you been limiting yourself?
  • Feeling pressure from current circumstance?  

Break free from your own limitations! 


 What matters most to you right now?  Notice, what are you called to do in this moment. 

If you don’t know, look at your actions. Your actions reflect your priorities.  Whatever you are doing, day after day is a reflection of your value system. The Aires Full Moon in October is a reflection of impulse and action from gut instinct. Uranus near the Moon may support new ideas or motivation for change for the better. Living in the world of ideas is not enough, however. Make an action plan to follow through on inspiration.


My brother has often reminded me to : “Pick your battles!”  This is another theme for Aries Full Moon. Consider for yourself: 

  • What is really worth fighting for?  
  • How important is it for me to be right? 
  • Can I assert my values gracefully?


Mars meeting Pluto Fuels the Fire!

Notice if you have a sense of what is driving you right now. Be clear with your motivations. Potent Pluto and motivated Mars in the Zodiac meet mid month in the sign of Capricorn squaring off to both the Sun and Full Moon. This planet pattern known as a T Square supports the intention of doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, with the right people. 

Pluto and Mars conjoined together in Capricorn forces the issue to dive deeper with integrity. See under the surface. Capricorn is a sign of responsibility and respect.  This tempers the impulsive Aries Full Moon, and serves as an added reminder to be responsible for your actions and emotional reactions.


Being Responsible - Your "Ability to Respond"

The USA elections are only a month away. For years now,  I have had enough of the density of political ranting and raving. My position: "Create a peaceful world through peaceful people".  When individuals focus on personal growth and self care as a priority, this peaceful and elevated vibration ripples out to the collective: our families, the community and the world. Wherever attention goes, the energy flows! Remember,  thought directs energy. Create a new world with the power of thought, then take action to make it so! We VOTE with our actions every single day. Make a difference!


The Bigger Picture: Jupiter in Libra

While the Sun is in one Zodiac sign only for a month, the planet Jupiter however is in one Zodiac sign for a whole year. Now, Jupiter is in Libra: September 9, 2016 through October 10, 2017.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, so as a symbol it expands whatever it touches. As Jupiter transits the Cardinal sign of Libra, this signals a time of starting over in the realm of relationship. Jupiter in Libra expands relationship issues on both personal and collective levels, including all forms of negotiation and diplomacy. The love planet Venus is the planet ruler for the Zodiac sign of Libra. This brings an added emphasis on values, or what you truly love. Jupiter in Libra this year is a reminder to organize life around your priorities. Ask yourself:

Am I living an inspired life in alignment with my values?  Remember, Intuition requires Action.


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