Sun Enters Scorpio & Exciting Eclipse October 23

October is an energizing month with two powerful eclipses, Mercury retrograde and some serious solar flares. Today on October 23 Sun, Moon and Venus all shift from Libra into Scorpio. This signals a time to dive deep and get real in the feeling realms.

Since Mercury remains retrograde until October 25, this is worth repeating: The partial solar eclipse at zero Scorpio October 23 is a time to sow the seeds of intimacy as Sun and Moon meet voluptuous Venus. 

For the Scorpio Solar Eclipse here are Kathryn’s Questions for Contemplation:

What do you truly value?

Who and what do you really love?

How do I share my life force?

What emotions have I kept hidden that are ready to come to light? 

 Ecstatic in East Hawaii.  

Ecstatic in East Hawaii.  

Sun, Moon and Earth all align during eclipse times.  As the Scorpio Solar eclipse on October 23 is in a dynamic relationship with powerful Neptune in Pisces it is a time that activates alignment with a higher force.  There is an element of surrender of the personal will to a greater good.  “Thy will be done”. 

North America gets the best views of the eclipse. Check out viewing options here

Looking ahead for November Astrology:

Mercury moves direct October 25, the same day the Moon meets serious Saturn. Energize practical plans and anchor them into action by the next Full Moon. 

November 6 is a juicy Full Moon in tantalizing Taurus.  Taurus is sexy and sensual.  Make your dreams real by connecting intimately with your physical senses.  Touch it, taste it, feel it.  Light up your life and energize your intentions with the simple pleasures of being in a body.  Got your massage scheduled?  While Sun and Venus remain in close conjunction most of the month, motivated Mars moves toward powerful Pluto for an exact alignment on 11/11. Personally this can push new boundaries of what I can or cannot do.  On a global level, the planetary patterns in November during Sun in Scorpio season may signal new shifts in cooperation or instigate action around boarder issues.  

New Moon on November 22 signals the start of Sagittarius Season. Sign up on the right for more astrology news you can use.  

Blessings from the beautiful island of Hawaii.
October 22, 2014. Kathryn Andren