Scorpio New Moon & The Secret Lessons I Learn Salsa Dancing

For my friends who know me well, they know I love to dance. I access ecstatic joy during free form dancing. When I really let myself go, I am overcome by grace, becoming one with the dance and the divine. Since I know how to dance by myself really well, I decided to get out of my box with something different, partner dancing.

Since last Spring, about 2 or 3 times a month, I’ve been showing up for partner dance lessons. I am attending a variety of classes: salsa, swing, ballroom, and on occasion, tango! Like a butterfly on flowers, I come and go from these social dances. Over time I’ve realized that partner dancing offers awesome opportunities for me to become more aware of my patterns with intimacy.

In November, I am committed to consistently attending class and focus on 2 dances, salsa and swing. I learn so much about myself in these classes and how I show up in relationship to others. I am learning how to listen deeply and allow myself to be led. I am learning to follow another while maintaining my center. This requires proper alignment, trust and balance on my part. It’s easier for me to dance when I’m feeling, not thinking. The secret lesson I learn about myself through partner dancing is the gift of surrender and letting go of control.

 Cosmic Collage by Kathryn Andren 2013

Cosmic Collage by Kathryn Andren 2013


Scorpio New Moon

November is Scorpio season. Scorpio is a water sign that explores feeling deeply and seeing beneath the surface of things. Contemplate the depth of your most intimate connections. A theme for the month is how to turn yourself on and let go. Take action on your inspiration. This is not a time for being passive.

This week's planet patterns near the Scorpio New Moon hold another theme about making a commitment to do what you love. Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and values, meets with serious Saturn. Saturn supports the gifts that come from being patient over time. Venus meeting Saturn is a symbolic reflection of diving deep with your commitments. (Note: Just days after the New Moon, look for waxing crescent Moon with Venus and Saturn in the West just after sunset to support your intention!)

Dancing is one way I access my innate life force energy through my body. How do you get turned on and feel passionate about life? Enjoy astrology news you can use for Scorpio New Moon & November Astrology


Six Suggestions for Scorpio New Moon: 

1. Dig deep. Explore emotions hiding under the surface. Use your emotions as fuel like fertilizer in the cosmic compost pile.

2. Move that body! Energize yourself with physical exercise: dance, swim, hike, bike, yoga, martial arts, or tantra. Feel alive and turn yourself on!

3. Share your gifts. Collaborate and create with those close to you.

4. Spill your secrets. Be really honest with yourself. Create deeper intimacy with yourself and others when you revealed yourself.

5. Release your fears.

6. Let down and let go. Surrender to move through emotional drama.


Planet Rulers for Scorpio: Mars and Pluto

The planet rulers for Scorpio give further indication to activate this energy. Since the ancient ruler for Scorpio is Mars, passionate action is required. The modern ruler for Scorpio is Pluto supporting empowered rejuvenation. Align, act and transform!

Set your intentions during the days near the New & Full Moon:

New Moon in Scorpio is October 30, 2014
Full Moon in Taurus is November 14, 2016


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