Sagittarius New Moon November 29, Set the Story Straight

This month’s New Moon in Sagittarius is an opportunity to focus on the future, and discern fact from fantasy. In the wake of the recent USA election cycle, many were surprised by the outcome. There is a wide variety of mixed emotions in the collective awareness about the results, and what this may mean for the future in the global community.

The meeting of the Moon and the Sun each month at a New Moon signals a new beginning.  The Sagittarius New Moon is a time to revisit belief systems and set the story straight. It’s an opportunity to contemplate the truth, how do you know what you know. Sagittarius is the sign of teaching, publishing and speaking. Be aware of truth vs. lies, especially in the media.

The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer’s arrow, a reminder to maintain focus. Let go of distractions. Experience a renewed sense of freedom when you release limiting thought patterns, possessions or people in your life who are are holding you back. Just like the archer, keep your eye on your goal.

Dream big. Set your sights higher. Keep your eye on your goals and hold your vision.

This New Moon however squares off to nebulous Neptune and the nodal axis of the Moon. Looking deeper, there is an undercurrent of illusion or delusion. Use your skills to maintain your center in the midst of confusion. Hold a place of peace, especially if you are feeling pulled emotionally in multiple directions.

The ruling planet for the New Moon gives further information about its symbolic intention. Sagittarius’s ruling planet is Jupiter. Since Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, it represents expansion and excess. Be mindful where you focus your time and energy over the coming month. Discernment is required. Your focused energy with people, projects and plans makes all the difference.

Are you feeling fired up these days? Sagittarius is one of the fire signs of the Zodiac. Stand your ground or you may feel the heat during this New Moon. Sagittarius is often sassy. Watch your mouth if you are speaking out.  Mindful communication is required at this New Moon, especially since messenger Mercury and serious Saturn are also in Sagittarius.

The New Moon this month is tempered by sober Saturn.  Saturn in Sagittarius supports being selective with thoughts, beliefs, and action. Slow down. Take your time. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

5 Suggestions for Sagittarius New Moon
November 29, 2016
(Sagittarius 7 degrees 4 min.)
7:18 AM Eastern, 4:18 AM Pacific


    •    Watch your mouth. Speak with integrity. It’s important to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Be crystal clear in your communication.

    •    Be open to new insights and action plans. Got a great idea? Take action on it! Multiple planet patterns at this New Moon support divine inspiration. Make sure to follow through with a practical plan to make your dream a reality.

    •    Get a reality check. Sometimes there is simply too much information. Feeling overwhelmed these days?  Don’t overdo it. Be discerning and take on the tasks that are just right for right now. Create healthy boundaries on what you are willing to do or not do.
    •    Embody your inner wisdom. Look at your relationship to authority. Are you respectful of your teachers? This is a time to integrate the wisdom of others you respect with your own innate knowing.

    •    Check the facts. Know what you are looking at. Are you seeing the truth clearly? Don’t be fooled by illusion or get caught up in emotional confusion. Use laser like focus to look deeper at a person or circumstance.

 Keep your eye on your goals for Sagittarius New Moon.

Keep your eye on your goals for Sagittarius New Moon.

Here is a summary for Sagittarius: from “The Secrets to the Zodiac, A Foundation Guide to Modern Astrology” by Kathryn Andren.

Sagittarius is the Zodiac Sign of The Archer
At this New Moon, embody the essence of these archetypes:
Teacher, Philosopher, Adventurer, Truth-Seeker

Harvest the gifts with these core concepts:
Sharing your wisdom from the depth of your knowing.
Be open to the blessings of divine grace in your life.

Be aware of potential challenges:
Are you holding a belief system without worldly experience?
Release any way you may be seeing the world through a black or white lens. (There are so many possibilities!)

Kathryn Andren is dedicated to healing service as an astrologer, writer and intuitive. Her deep connection to land, sea and sky brings both a passionate and practical approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. She holistically integrates astrology, massage and energy healing bodywork in her private practice. She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom. 
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