6 Tips for Taurus Full Moon & November Astrology

The Full Moon each month is an opportunity to illuminate something new and release the past. Gratitude for life’s little pleasures is the theme for the Full Moon in tantalizing Taurus November 14.

The symbol for this month’s planet patterns is also reflected in nature. Here in the Northeast, leaves are falling on the forest floor, preparing a blanket to nurture the trees before a cold winter season. Walking through the woods, I notice the air is dry and sweet. In times of change, I support myself by focusing my attention on the sweetness of life. 

The Moon is closest to the Earth at this time of year. At the Full Moon, emotions may run deep and high. As the Moon in the Zodiac sign of Taurus faces off to the Sun in sensual Scorpio, explore all the ways you appreciate beauty and sensuality. The Taurus and Scorpio themes this month bring attention to the circle of life itself, how to fully embracing living in the face of loss or death. 

Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs, as they are positioned in the middle of the season. This energy is rock solid. As a symbol, the Scorpio Sun shining on Taurus Full Moon implies staying steady in the midst of change. Hold your center in transition times.


6 Tips for Taurus Full Moon November 14, 2016

  • Surround yourself with your favorite comforts. Eat healthy, delicious, beautiful food. Delight yourself with sensuality and sexuality. Fully turn yourself on enjoying the simple pleasuresof life.
  • Take care of your physical body. Taurus Full Moon is a reminder to be in touch with the physical world by shining light on the senses. Touch, taste, smell, listen, feel! Receive a massage. Nurture yourself with a warm bath or healthy food.
  • Express yourself. Sing, laugh and shout! The Zodiac sign of Taurus relates to the throat and neck. Music can make over your mood, sing in the shower or blast the tunes in the car.
  • Remember your priories. The planet ruler for Taurus is Venus, emphasizing values and what matters most. Enhance your love for life by appreciating the here and now.
  • Stay steady. Emotions often run high at Full Moon, yet this Moon in the Earth sign of Taurus knows how to remain grounded.  Take good care of yourself so you feel secure.
  • Be honest with yourself. Sun in secretive Scorpio illuminates the the Full Moon revealing whatever is behind the surface. Ask yourself honestly if you have anything to hide. Let yourself go and get real.

Taurus Full Moon: November 14, 2016  

8:52 AM Eastern, 5:52 AM Pacific

(22 degrees 38 minutes Taurus)

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 Kathryn Andren Astrologer listed in the top 100 Astrology Blogs for 2016

Kathryn Andren Astrologer listed in the top 100 Astrology Blogs for 2016


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November 5 & 6- Moon meets Mars - assert your passion!

November 14 - Full Moon in Taurus, the biggest, and brightest supermoon of the year!


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