Gratitude & Giving, News for November Astrology 2014

This month begins with a juicy Full Moon in tantalizing Taurus November 6th.  Taurus is sexy and sensual, as well as practical and down to earth.  Make your dreams real by connecting intimately with your physical senses.  Light up your life this Taurus Full Moon and energize your intentions with the simple pleasures of being in a body.  Go for a hike, bike, or an evening celestial safari for stargazing.  Got your massage scheduled?  What are the harvests you are collecting, physically or symbolically at this time?


Mid Month, Motivation & Activation November 10 - 17th

Sun and Venus remain in close conjunction the first half of the month in the sexy sign of Scorpio. Go into the depth of the heart space, and shine light on intimacy. Venus and Sun meet sober Saturn mid month, calling for deeper commitment and patience.  

Motivated Mars meets powerful Pluto for an exact alignment on 11/11.  An echo of the Cardinal Cross from earlier this year, November 10 - 12th may serve as another turning point time for transformation and restructuring. Personally this can push new boundaries of what I can or cannot do.  On a global level, these planetary patterns may breakthrough new shifts in cooperation or instigate action around boarder issues.



Sagittarius New Moon is on November 22. As Moon meets Sun at zero degrees Sagittarius, this is a potent time for new beginnings, optimism and to learn something new.  Follow your heart in the direction of what you love.  Set your sights on your goal, aim high and dream big!

Feel free to contact me by e-mail to schedule a personal Life Path Astrology update and see where these planet placements fall in your personal birth chart.  In gratitude for cosmic connections, remember when you refer 3 people who schedule sessions with me by the end of the year, your next update is free!

Blessings from the beautiful island of Hawaii.
November 6, 2014. Kathryn Andren