Step Into Action, A Sensual Scorpio New Moon by Kathryn Andren 11/11/15

New Moon in Scorpio is November 11, 2015

7:47 AM Hawaii, 9:47 AM Pacific, 12:47 PM Eastern

As the Moon meets the Sun in Scorpio this week, it is time to get raw and real. Fearlessly embrace the mystery of life. At the Scorpio New Moon, reflect deeply on your most intimate connections. Who do you care for and what do you love intently? Since Scorpio is a water sign, dive deep to uncover your emotions.

Step into action for the sensual Scorpio New Moon:

1. Explore what is under the surface. Honor the hidden mystery in both life and love.

2. Let go of emotional attachments. Allow yourself to feel your feelings to move some serious energy. 

3. It’s time to share. Collaborate with others. Synergy supports accessing even greater resources with those around you.

4. Get real. Are you being honest with yourself? New Moons are a time to renew and start over.  What would you do, be and feel if you released your deepest fears?

5. Move that body! Physical exercise enhances your life force. Energize yourself with yoga, martial arts, or tantra.

 Pele's Passion Surrender. by Kathryn Andren c 2013

Pele's Passion Surrender. by Kathryn Andren c 2013

The theme for the month is just let go. What needs to release in order to move on in life?  The planet rulers for Scorpio further support activating this energy. Since the ancient ruler for Scorpio is Mars, passionate action is required. This is not a time for passivity. Take action on your inspiration. The modern ruler for Scorpio is Pluto, empowering rejuvenation. Align, act and transform!

Kathryn Andren is dedicated to healing service as an Astrologer, Artist & Intuitive based in New York and the Hawaiian islands. She holds a BA in Psychology and is 1997 graduate of the Holistic Practitioner Program from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. Her professional practice includes integrating astrology consultations & classes with energy healing bodywork & massage therapy. Her deep connection to land, sea and sky brings both a passionate and practical approach to her consulting, writing and teaching. She is a featured writer at, and presented Astrology and The Mystical Kabbalah at the 2015 OPA retreat. Her new audio course, β€œThe Secrets to the Zodiac, A Foundation Guide to Astrology” will be released in 2016.