December Astrology and My Longing for the Night

December 6th is the Full Moon in Gemini, a time to shine light on communications and speak your truth. Lighten up this weekend! Healing opportunities may arise now as Sun and Moon directly square off to Chrion. Often referred to as the wounded healer, Chiron is a healing point serving as the bridge from this world to other worlds. Take time this Full Moon for conscious communication to connect with loved ones or perhaps your ancestors and teachers from worlds beyond. 

Gemini Moon reflects a variety of communications. In honor of the longest nights and celebrating the return of Light, here is a  poem inspired by the 2012 Solstice
My Longing for the Night. Kathryn Andren 2012

Many hours of heart’s delight 
receiving stars in chill of night
I feel you friends, teachers and guides 
near and far, whispering wise

Souls arrive through Sacred hoop
Ancestors align on Galactic loop
Transform the new age ascension debate by
Traversing the Gold and Silver Gate

Sky crosses mark this time and space
A soul’s choice  to descend and find this place 
Our home planet, place of birth
With gratitude arrive on Earth 

Portals, keys, A Solstice Sun 
My mystical boy Orion
Honoring four directions: 
Bull, Human, Eagle, Lion

For lifetimes, moons, I’ve stared above
Journeying through stars I love
At dawn when day star returns is light
I feel my longing for the night

Missing friends in light of day
Spontaneously in garden play
The starry scenes from black of night 
Twinkle through blue in full daylight

Not just up, or out or down
Suddenly stars  are all around
Pollux, Castor, Capella, Procyon
Regulus, heart of the Lion

Here’s the Queen and the crown, 
Her seven daughters staring down
Aldebaran, eye of the bull
Sirius fills me full

Blessed stars alive in me
Bringing wisdom for those to see
Heaven above and Earth below
One in the same, it is so.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program for December 6th Gemini Full Moon. Kathryn's Questions for Contemplation:

What information must I gather before I believe something is true?
I wonder what my life looks like when I am in deep communication with my teachers and guides from this world and other worlds, this life and other lifetimes?
What role does faith play in my life?


Solstice on December 21 features a New Moon at zero Capricorn. Blessings for new beginnings is powerfully packed with Sun and Moon meeting near Mercury, Pluto and Venus. Five planets in Capricorn suggests seriously planning your new years resolutions. Energizing Uranus in Aries continues to activate transformation, instigating a course of action to take things to a higher level. Are you ready for an upgrade?

Solstice New Moon 2014 Contemplations:

What am I truly committed to?
Do I have a realistic plan for the coming year?
What still needs to be restructured or upgraded so I may actively move forward in 2015?


Finally, December 23 Saturn in serious Scorpio shifts to Sagittarius. Have you been digging deep heavy in emotions the past two years or so?  2015 is a time to restore faith and rise from the ashes like a Pheonix!  As turning point times continue in early 2015, Saturn in Sagittarius supports seeing challenges as opportunities. Aim high, and gather your resources to take action on a bigger vision.

Blessings from beautiful Big Island Hawaii

Kathryn Andren 
December 5, 2014
Kailua Kona, Hawaii