Mars meets Venus and the Moon: Hot Date February 20 & 21

The morning begins with Yoga. I was reminded today Yoga means "to join". This week Moon joins Sun at late Aquarius then on Friday Venus joins Mars in early Aries. What does that mean for you?

Supportive suggestions  for Aquarius New Moon February 18

Connect with friends
Communicate with the collective, reach out in thoughts and prayers (This is known in Hawaii as the coconut wireless!)
See the big picture, take a step back from detail and enjoy the widest possible perspective
Look up to the sky, breathe deep

This New Moon also begins the Year of the Wood Goat. After a wild ride on the year of the Horse, the Sheep year or Wood Goat is a more gentle vibration connected to community, kindness and creativity. What creative gifts do you have to share this year?

These themes of starting over and igniting creativity are further supported by the dance of Venus meeting Mars with the crescent moon in Aries February 20 & 21. Planet patterns support these possibilities:

Align actions with your values 
Initiate new projects
Motivation for next steps
Inspiration and emotional fuel for action
Mars meets Venus = Hot date!

Contemplate: What do I truly value? 
Move toward what you love.

Additional thoughts: Love planets meet in early Aries, they move on in the sky story together through March and early April.  In early March 2015 as Mars and Venus move through Aries, they touch unpredictable Uranus and square off to powerful Pluto. Venus and Mars are considered 'personal planets' since they are close to Earth.  When the inner and outer planets align this is symbolic of taking your personal experience to  a higher octave.  

With Equinox on March 20, Sun moves to the Aires point.  This is the starting point for Modern Western Astrology. Sun fuels and energizes Uranus and Pluto again early April.  Themes of turning a corner and motivating action for higher awareness.  Stay tuned for more astrology news you cause on the next update.

Aloha from Hawaii Island,

Kathryn Andren c.2015

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