Pisces New Moon: Compassion & Contemplation

Years ago, when I first I studied Tai Chi, I learned there is yin before yang. A small inward movement first offers greater strength and momentum before it’s time to extend forward. Planet patterns at this week’s New Moon suggest a time to go in, before big changes coming in March, April and May. Optimize Pisces New Moon timing with meditation, music and reflection. Jupiter, the largest planet in comfy Cancer adds extra emphasis for extending oneself with caring and compassion.  Within a week of the Pisces New Moon, Mercury and Jupiter station direct, while Mars and Saturn station retrograde. With multiple planets shifting apparent direction all in one week, it suggests time to slow down and reconsider what is really important.

Questions for Contemplation: Pisces New Moon

How do I connect myself to source, nature or spirit?

I am a human being not a human doing. What would it feel like to rest and relax myself this weekend?

In what ways have I overextended myself?  What is a healthy version of boundlessness? What is my bigger vision for healthy nurturing of self, family and community?

How can I foster connection and compassion with others in ways beyond words, perhaps silent prayer, meditation or music?



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Aloha from Kathryn Andren,

Honaunau Hawaii, February 28, 2014