2014 Cardinal Cross and Life At The Crossroads, A Song of Stars Poem


Are you wondering what in the world is going on?  A new client recently asked, "Kathryn, what is the new paradigm for astrology?  I am tired of hearing how all these planets lining up this year are going to kick my butt!"  

Here is what's happening. The first half of 2014, many planets align in a pattern that looks like a grand square or Cardinal Cross.  Its called the Cardinal Cross as many planets occupy the Cardinal Zodiac signs.  These are the first signs of each season: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The planets peak for April Astrology 2014, as Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto line up in the above Zodiac signs respectively.  With so many planets focused in this Cardinal Cross formation it implies starting something brand new.

Earlier this year, Venus, Sun & Mercury have already energized and activated this Cardinal Cross. The Sun adds fuel to this formation again in the first week of April, July & October.  These are powerful and potent times for turning a corner in life and activating something new. While some may notice the Cardinal Cross on a collective level, people who have plenty of Cardinal Zodiac signs in their personal birth chart may experience radical transformation in these four ares of life:  Creativity, Home, Relationship & Career (Author included!)

Here are Kathryn's "Questions For Contemplation" to navigate this years 2014 Astrology Cardinal Cross:

Uranus in Aries instigates Individuation & Creativity: How am I expressing my personal creativity? How can I assert my individuated needs? What would it be like if I had plenty of  space just for myself to receive lighting flashes of inspiration?

Jupiter in Cancer supports Self-Care: Am I nurturing myself in a healthy way? How am I extending support to my family, friends and local community? What would it feel like if my home space were nurturing me? 

Mars in Libra reviews Relationships: What needs to change for greater understanding and consensus in my relationships?  What would it feel like to create equal conscious partnerships, in giving and receiving? 

Pluto in Capricorn transforms Career: Am I fully embodied and empowered?  What would it feel like to own who I am in my inner authority? How can I transform myself in my public life or work place?


I was reminded recently that contemplating questions creates an opportunity for the universe to fulfill your need.  It's a very different contrast to creating an affirmation for yourself. Notice the difference, and say to yourself this affirmation: I am living my true power!  vs.asking a question, I wonder what life feels like when I live my true power?   One of my teachers said, "the brain is goal seeking problem solving, give the brain a job", then the universe supports you in your goals.  I hope Kathryn's "Questions for Contemplation" serve you in these transition times for 2014!

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On a personal note, in addition to my above contemplations, I am now asking:

Dear Universe, I wonder what it would be like to win a poetry contest?  

Last month I participated in my first poetry slam at the Gallery Meld in Kona.  While I have had years of experience public speaking and teaching, it really took some nerve to share my Ode to Venus poem and Heavenly Haiku selections in a room of seventy people! Then, this month, I submitted a new poem in an astrologer's poetry contest called The Song of Stars. The Organization for Professional Astrologers created this event for astrologers to share their passion in celebration the coming Equinox March 21 & World Astrology Day  (yes, there is such a thing!).  

Life At The Crossroads below honors each planet and the personal and professional changes I've been experiencing recently. I learned my entry is selected as one of the top three in the contest. I wonder what it feels like to have the blessings bestowed as the grand prize winner? Tune in after Equinox for the report!


Life At The Crossroads


There you are again, flirting with me in all your brightness. 

I watched you for months.

Seeking you out with each sweet sunset, trying to catch a glimpse of your coy crescent smile. My longing each evening, just to see you again. 


I knew you were going down, and I would go with you.  

Venus, Goddess of Love, disappears, retracts and retreats. 

I felt you so intently, knowing then, it would all end. 


What dances did you do behind the veil? 

I can’t see you,

blinded by the Sun. 

But believe me, I feel you. 

You left me wondering,


in your underworld rendezvous.  

What message from Mercury? 

Reconcile or repelled by powerful Pluto?


So, now you’re back, burning bright in the east.  

A revealing retrograde.

Empowered now, you are so strong. 

I knew it would happen all along. 


These magical morning surprises.

I delight myself in awesome wonder of your daily progress.  


I watch you


higher and higher

each day, 


here I stay, 



Another turn of the Moon hastens Year of the Horse

Now I hold the reins of my Chariot, 

charging forward to meet life at the crossroads 

with these timely transits.


Mars in Libra 



seducing Spica

my Sun star.  

Activating antagonist, 

discussing, dividing and deciding. 

What is fair? 

I am fighting for my life. 


There will be no more sacrifices on this cardinal cross.


Kill me with kindness Jupiter in Cancer. A community opens doors as I move in and out of my own house like a living transit.


Rattled by Uranus. Creative inspiration instigates individuation.  

It’s almost predictable at fruitful forty. 


Pluto, renew, arise and fly.  

I surrender the old self to die. 


Serious Saturn rekindles Pele’s fire and unseen desire.

Thank heavens for Neptune, calling me to sea, 

Hawaii dolphins and whale song rejuvenate me.  


Beyond imagination of predictions and plans

As planets meet at the crossroads, I know life’s in my hands. 

When everything’s changing, I gaze up to the stars, 

My constant companions, I’m home wherever you are. 


Kathryn Andren 

March 4, 2014

Honaunau, Hawaii