An Inspiring Aries New Moon, April Astrology Is Action At The Crossroads


Aries New Moon March 30 activates inspiration to Spring ahead as Sun and Moon meet Uranus, the Awakener.  Just ten days after Equinox, these planet patterns activate the 2014 Cardinal Cross for April Astrology.  Where in your life have you come to a crossroads? 

Setting intentions this New Moon can be electric for energizing creativity, individuality and initiating something new. Powerful Pluto adds potent transformation while Mars retrograde in Libra reassesses relationships.  Remember nurturing self care is supportive in these times of transition. While April is a month that is very energizing and electric, this week as Venus still squares serious Saturn, it's important to remember your values and remain grounded on Earth.


A productive use of April Astrology is remembering alignment in all areas of life: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.  As multiple planets meet in the Cardinal signs of all four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, this month is potent to create inner alchemy, a transformation of the heart.


What would it feel like to risk asserting my individuality? I am these days, how about you!

Aries initiates action and takes risks. My Gemini rising takes the risk of repeating myself, sharing additional information for April Astrology & The Cardinal Cross 2014.

As Aries is the first Zodiac sign, Aries New Moon is an awesome opportunity to create a new world.   Astrology for April offers continued opportunities for transformation in four main areas of Life: creativity, home, relationships and career. This pattern, building for months now, is known as the Cardinal Cross. 


Here are Kathryn's Questions For Contemplation for the 2014 Cardinal Cross. Welcome to Life At The Crossroads! 

Uranus in Aries instigates Individuation & Creativity: How am I expressing my personal creativity? How can I assert my individuated needs? What would it be like if I had plenty of  space just for myself to receive lighting flashes of inspiration?

Jupiter in Cancer supports Self-Care: Am I nurturing myself in a healthy way? How am I extending support to my family, friends and local community? What would it feel like if my home space were nurturing me? 

Mars in Libra reviews Relationships: What needs to change for greater understanding and harmony in my relationships?  What would it feel like to create equal conscious partnerships, in giving and receiving? 

Pluto in Capricorn transforms Career: Am I fully embodied and empowered?  What would it feel like to own who I am in my inner authority? How can I transform myself in my public life or work place?


The Aries New Moon March 30, 2014 activates the question for me, how can I be more creative? Huge personal and professional changes are fueling a new wave of creativity and energy for inspiration. In a previous posts, I posed the question,  

Dear Universe, I wonder what it would be like to win a poetry contest?

Ask and it is given, I did! I won prizes for my poems in two different contests on the same day, March 22, 2014. Top prize selected for  The Organization for Professional Astrologers "Song of Stars" for my Life At The Crossroads entry. Then, My Feelings Are A Gift brought me to the bonus round for 4th place at the poetry slam at  Gallery Meld.  How's that for nurturing creativity!  Scroll through former posts for the full poems and other heavenly haiku. 


Taking risks and standing out, I was happily surprised to be invited by friend and fellow astrologer Donna Woodwell to discuss Art & Astrology on her radio show in early March.  Check out the link, for on demand content at Paramania Radio, with The Dead Astrologer's Society. Then click on the player near THE ARTIST STAR here.  Topics include, artistic inspiration, current Cardinal Cross planet patterns, whale tales and more!

    "Your wisdom and ability to articulate clearly your passion for life comes through beautifully over the air waves. It was exciting to hear how you shared your wisdom with the world."

Enjoy this Aries New Moon to assert yourself, take risks and have fun! 

Aloha & Blessings,
Kathryn Andren c.2014
Honaunau, Hawai'i

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