April Astrology 2015, April 4 Total Lunar Eclipse

Look Up & Look In: What you need to know for April Astrology.

1. A powerful total lunar eclipse at 14 Libra on Saturday April 4 brings us beyond duality looking at relationships. How do I maintain my authentic individuality and not loose my sense of self in relationships? How can I personally energize equal conscious partnerships in my life?  What relationships no longer serve me? Do I have the courage to release them and let go gracefully?

 AstroActivator cards created in 2002 by Kathryn Andren

AstroActivator cards created in 2002 by Kathryn Andren

2.  Signals of change. Here on Earth, at the third rock from the Sun, planets in our solar system appear to change direction in the sky story.  This optical illusion is symbollic however. When planets maintain a station position, turn retrograde or direct, it's qualities are more energized. Generous Jupiter at 13 Leo stations direct on April 8. Jupiter as the largest planet, symbolizes expansion. How can I further expand the playfulness and generosity of my heart?  Then on April 16, powerful Pluto stations retrograde at 16 Capricorn.  On a collective level, pressure is on to make refinements in public life and maintain integrity. 

3. New Moon is April 18 at 28 Aries. After Equinox, April is generally a time of action.  As the first zodiac sign, Aries brings an additional emphasis in starting new things.  At this Aries New Moon, what do you want to continue to energize in 2015?  What is so important that I dare defend? What in my life requires separation or discernment? Aries pushes forth.  Just do it!  


 AstroActivator cards created by Kathryn Andren in 2002.

AstroActivator cards created by Kathryn Andren in 2002.


Let's get personal: Mercury, Venus and Mars

For April Astrology, Mercury cruises through Aries, Taurus and eases into its home sign of Gemini at the end of the month.  Next month begins Mercury Retrograde, May 18 - June 11 at 13 -5 Gemini. Stay tuned for more Mercury Retrograde news you can use next month.

Love planet Venus is both in Taurus and Gemini in April, while Mars takes its time in Taurus most of the month.  Personal planets in Taurus suggest slowing down. Remember to be patient with yourself and others.  After a very energizing Equinox and early April, the latter half of this month suggests a slower pace.

The Social Scene: Jupiter & Saturn

Jupiter stations direct April 8th and remains in Leo until August 11.  Those with planets at the mid & late degree of the fixed signs, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio will be most energized by this transit in the coming months.  Steady Saturn is now retrograde this month at 5 to 3 degrees of Sagittarius.  This suggests refining your belief systems and being in integrity with your writing, teaching and speaking to be sure you are aligned with the truth!

Eyes on the Sky: Just after sunset, Venus and Mars can be seen in the west through April 18.  High in the sky, you can see Jupiter beautiful and bright on clear nights in April.  Can you see the April 4th Total Lunar Eclipse?  Find out here

April is an energizing month for creativity, heartfelt expansion and taking time to slow down to enjoy the finer things in life. Enjoy!

Blessings from Hawaii Island,

Kathryn Andren