April Astrology Cardinal Cross & Libra Full Moon Eclipse

14 years ago I moved to Hawaii island on April 18th, 2000 on a Full Moon in Libra. I came to the islands on Easter week very intentionally in the spirit of rebirthing myself.  Back then, I thought since I am Libra, and it's Libra Full Moon, this is good timing for me! I have many more skills now to refine dates and timings, but what I know for sure, now is rebirthing time again. 


Over the past 3 months I have experienced personal and professional changes on many levels.  Connecting with friends and clients, many people these days are asking about the Cardinal Cross.  This is a strong planetary pattern with a very specific alignment April 20 - 23. Those with planets in the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer Libra and Capricorn have felt or experienced changes for months already.  


This is an exciting time for activating intentions and directing action.  Imagine 4 way intersection. When we arrive at the crossroads, remember the lesson learned as a child in school;  Stop, Look & Listen.  Listen to your heart song and your innate instinct.  Your intuition is your greatest ally in these changing times.


Astrology for April 2014 is amplified with a Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 14 & 15, then an annular Solar Eclipse on 28 & 29. These events remind us to see beneath the surface.  Not everything is as it seems. Go deeper and deeper still.  Be kind to yourself, gentle and compassionate.

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Here is a repost and review for April Astrology 2014.  Enjoy Kathryn's "Questions For Contemplation" to navigate this years 2014 Cardinal Cross:

Uranus in Aries instigates Individuation & Creativity: How am I expressing my personal creativity? How can I assert my individuated needs? What would it be like if I had plenty of  space just for myself to receive lighting flashes of inspiration?

Jupiter in Cancer supports Self-Care: Am I nurturing myself in a healthy way? How am I extending support to my family, friends and local community? What would it feel like if my home space were nurturing me? 

Mars in Libra reviews Relationships: What needs to change for greater understanding and consensus in my relationships?  What would it feel like to create equal conscious partnerships, in giving and receiving? 

Pluto in Capricorn transforms Career: Am I fully embodied and empowered?  What would it feel like to own who I am in my inner authority? How can I transform myself in my public life or work place?