A Sexy & Serious Scorpio Moon, Create Clarity with Color Healing

OOOPs! Looking for JULY Astrology?  Mercury is direct, but a link went retrograde!
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Now that April intensity is over are things getting easier?  The cardinal cross is still evolving through the end of this month.  As we meet life "at the crossroads", remember changes and choices must meet resonance on every level: mental, physical, emotional & spiritual.

May offers additional opportunities for emotional awareness.  Here are Kathryn's Questions for Contemplation for May Astrology:  Do I recognize, accept and express my emotions? How can I further expand my range of emotion or emotional capacity?  What would feel different when I  reconnect with family members for more honoring connection? ( This is Chrion, Jupiter & Saturn in Grand Water Trine)

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May 14:  Today Full Moon meets Saturn in Scorpio illuminated by the Sun in sensual Taurus. Stand in the light of your authentic power, and share emotions with passion.  The Taurus Sun time through May 19th supports slowing down and nurturing self in the process.  What would it feel like to recognize and acknowledge my deepest fears?  How can I explore new depths of intimacy, physically and emotionally?  How would I feel when I shine my light with all my wisdom and authentic power?

 Cosmic Collage by Kathryn Andren Art.  "Grounded 2,280 Miles Down" c. 2013

Cosmic Collage by Kathryn Andren Art.  "Grounded 2,280 Miles Down" c. 2013

Mars moves direct May 19, so by the end of the month there may be more urgency for action.  Steer your course with consciousness and emotional clarity! Motivated Mars continues to energize and activate the cardinal cross planets Uranus & Pluto well into June. This means asserting further choices around relationships, home & family, balanced with individual needs and authentic power.  Look for these lessons on both personal and global levels.  Be extra mindful of movements and travel in the coming month as Mercury is retrograde June 7 - July 1.  Return here for more astrology news you can use.  

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Aloha and Blessings from beautiful Big Island Hawaii.