Heavenly Highlights: May Astrology 2015

Heavenly Highlights for May Astrology 2015


May 3 

Full Moon in Scorpio 

Tonight shines a light on all the ways you feel the depths of your life force, power and passion. Tune into your authentic feelings. Are you experiencing an intimate connection with yourself, others or with the Divine? Emotionally, this Full Moon may be feel rough around the edges. Your playful sense of humor supports integration between standing your ground and surrendering to  forces of the unknown. 

May 7 Venus moves into Cancer

Home is where the heart is. There are reminders this month about slowing down and letting love evolve in the natural course of time. By mid month, the Love Goddess energizes and activates issues of asserting individuality and embodying inner authority. Compassion is the key.

May 12 Mars moves into Gemini

It is an action oriented time when motivated Mars steps into joyful Gemini.  In live and love, be sure to explore your options, be curious and remain open minded. Education is power. Gather information and think twice before making your moves. 

May 17 New Moon in Taurus

Reset and renew your relationship to sensuality. Taurus is the first Earth sign, so it is a reminder to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. What visually stimulates you, gets you physically aroused or tantalizes your taste buds? Optimize todays timing and indulge. 

May 18 Mercury retrograde begins

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini May 18 - June 11.  Mercury is the messenger and in Gemini there is added emphasis in creating clarity in communications.  This is a time to explore options and research possibilities before taking decisive action. Reflect and reconsider before revealing what is on your mind and heart. Teacher once said, we have one mouth and two ears for a reason.

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