Full Moon Fever and June Mercury Retrograde 2014

What is is about a Full Moon that ignites and illuminates imagination? Today's full Moon in Sagittarius inspires a quest for the truth.  What is real to me?  With the Sun in Gemini this month it is first important to gather information from various sources before asserting your belief. 

 The Silver Gateway, Kathryn Andren c. 2012.

The Silver Gateway, Kathryn Andren c. 2012.

Mercury Retrograde for the rest of this month offers opportunity to review emotions and reconsider communications.  Contemplate what feels authentic and true, before directing thoughtful communication. Take the risk of repeating yourself and reevaluate the situation. June 7 to July 1, 2014 Mercury the Messenger moves from the water sign Cancer back to airy Gemini. Mercury Retrograde shifts signs from a water to air, symbolic for reassessing thoughts (air) about emotions (water). Remove, redo and recreate!

This summer, I am visiting family, friends and clients in New York, resetting myself personally and professionally.  Mercury retrograde in Cancer this month is a time to review connections with family, then create clear communication as Mercury returns to Gemini. 

Non-Violent Communication, known as NVC or Compassionate Communication, is a powerful tool for creating conscious connection through communication. NVC has been an invaluable  for me in both family and intimate relationships. In the past, there were times I found it very difficult to simply identify my feelings, let alone express them. Practicing NVC for over a decade, I learned to identify my emotions, find common ground, then feel connected to safely express my needs with others.  Three planets remain in a Grand water trine from most of May into June which further amplifies the emotional field this month. Do you find yourself riding waves of emotion? Remember, be gentle with yourself!

The Sagittarius Full Moon is about asserting beliefs and speaking the truth while Mercury the Messenger of communication is reflective in retrograde. This is a powerful time to review beliefs before asserting individuated needs. See things from multiple perspectives and realize there is always other side of the story. Motivated Mars, now direct in Libra, retraces its steps over the Cardinal Cross points this month instigating further transformation in the realm of relationship.  

Kathryn's Questions for Contemplation for June Astrology 2014:
What do I believe to be true?
How can I share feelings with enthusiasm and optimism? 
In what ways have I asserted myself with righteousness?