Heavenly Highlights: June 2015 with Sassy Sagittarius Full Moon

Heavenly Highlights for June Astrology 2015

My godmother asked me just this morning why is this the worst Mercury retrograde ever? Interesting if true, I replied, jokingly. Then earlier this week, two super sister girlfriends reported with humor how some old flames have returned in their lives. If you need support in creating clarity in communications, or surrendering to a deeper sense of trust in life and love, read on for astrology news you can use to navigate the planet patterns this June.

A Full Moon in Sagittarius early on June 2, 2015 illuminates a focus on the Truth.

Here are the “Heavenly Highlights”

What is my truth vs the “Truth”

Remember there is always another side to the story.

Let go and let God. See your situation from a larger perspective, and trust in a higher force.

There is extra energy for activism and inspiration today, have fun and use it wisely!

Diving deeper in the Heavenly Highlights: 

"I relax and cast aside all mental burden allowing God's perfect love, peace and wisdom to flow through me." from The Self Realization Fellowship.

What is my truth vs the “Truth”

    The Moon in sassy Sagittarius illuminates this theme. There is a quest for knowledge and learning. Read some inspirational wisdom from a respected teacher. Take time out alone in nature and appreciate the innate wisdom of wild places.  Get focused and align with your inner knowledge to tap into a deeper truth that permeates everything.

Remember there is always another side to the story.

    As the Sun meets motivated Mars this week in the sign of the twins, slow down before speaking and see both sides of the story. Are you too stuck in one perspective? With the Sun and Mars Gemini, this supports seeing a situation from multiple perspectives. As they team up with the messenger planet Mercury in retrograde, review and reflect on your words before sharing your thougths. Give permission to reiterate or repeat yourself when further clarity is needed.

See your situation from a larger perspective, and trust in a higher force.

    As the personal planets Sun, Mercury, Mars and the Full Moon all square off to nebulous Neptune this week, it is extra important to double check details to avoid confusion. Neptune holds the vast quality of timelessness which is in direct contrast to the Gemini need for speed and direct focus supported by the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Invite the divine to speak through you for clarity and truth. You may be rushing to gather information to find the answers you need. Since Neptune so strongly touches many of the personal planets this week, it is a reminder to simply slow down. Remember there is a boundless source for faith and trust as you move about the business of your day. In this moment, ask yourself if it most important to you assert your will, or trust in a divine will and timing.

There is extra energy for activism and inspiration today, have fun and use it wisely!

    The Full Moon in Sagittarius also energizes Uranus the awakener and joyful Jupiter in Leo today. Today is a day filled with blessing and inspiration! Optimize the energy by taking action on a heartfelt desire. Listen first to intuition, then act on your gut instincts. 

Coming soon:

June 11 Mercury Direct

June 14 Sun & Mars meet at 23 Gemini

June 16 New Moon in Gemini with Mars at 25 Gemini.

June 21 Solstice

Eyes on the Sky:

June 19 & 20  Observe crescent Moon with the love planet Venus and joyful Jupiter

June 30  Venus meets Jupiter: Expansion of love! 

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