Heavenly Highlights: Cancer New Moon July 2015 Astrology by Kathryn Andren

Each month at New Moon is an opportunity for self awareness and emotional connection. For the New Moon in Cancer, take quiet time to yourself to tune in to your true emotions. Cancer is a water sign, relating to the realm of feelings so there is added emphasis on skillfully surfing emotional highs and lows.  

The Moon in Cancer supports connection to your lineage. How do you honor and relate to your family? This can be your family of origin or your soul family, a community of friends with similar values and interests.

Gifts and opportunities for the Cancer New Moon 

focus on family

speak your truth 

encourage emotional connection

dedicate time to self care

turn a corner 

express your needs

let your emotional process develop naturally

encourage healthy boundaries in relationships

reach out to the people you care for the most

nurture your community

 AstroActivator Cards created by Kathryn Andren c.2002

AstroActivator Cards created by Kathryn Andren c.2002

The New Moon and Sun together in Cancer this week are further supported by serious Saturn in Scorpio. Go deep with the relationships that are most important to you. Take your emotional connections to another level.  Saturn emphasizes creating healthy boundaries and anchors an inner strength. Saturn, the lord of time, will also encourage cutting ties with those who no longer serve you. Tune in and ask yourself, in my closest relationships, what am I willing to do or not do? Be sure to say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.

This New Moon is near motivated Mars and Mercury the messenger. Use the fuel to direct your communication with love rather than emotional reaction. This is no time to beat around the bush. Take your time to think before you speak so you don't put your foot in your mouth. With four planets in Cancer at this New Moon, it’s important to slow down. Emotions take their own time to process.  Notice if you wish things were moving more quickly. If you are experiencing impatience or irritation, grow up and trust the timing.


Cancer New Moon “Questions for Contemplation”:

Where do I put my time, love, attention and care?

Who is being nurtured by my presence?

Who or what in my life requires more protection or nourishment?

Next month, the New Moon is near the love planet Venus in Leo. As Venus is preparing for its retrograde season, put your priorities on who and what you value the most. Just like caring for a garden, give extra time and energy to the people and projects in your life you want to nurture. 


Eyes on the Sky: Moon meets Venus and Jupiter

Wherever you are in the world, look up to the west a half hour after sunset.  You can still enjoy the love planet Venus near Jupiter. They are near to the star Regulus, known as the heart of the Lion in the constellation of Leo.

For a gorgeous sight, be sure to go stargazing July 17& 18th.  The crescent Moon meets Venus and joyful Jupiter just days after the New Moon. These three planets square off with Saturn almost directly overhead near the first three stars of the constellation of Scorpio. When planets create a ninety degree angle in the sky story, it is a reminder to turn a corner in life and love. 

Kathryn Andren is a professional consulting astrologer joyfully residing on the island of Hawaii and in New York serving clients across the US. Her background in energy healing bodywork and a deep connection to land, sea and sky provides a grounded strength for her consultations and classes. She gracefully integrates years of experience with intuitive wisdom. Contact Kathryn Andren by e-mail consultwithkathryn@gmail.com or phone 808-896-3982 .