A Focus on Friendship: Aquarius Full Moon August 18


Full Moon in Aquarius August 18th is a Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse at 25 Aquarius. The Moon brushes just past the edge of the shadow of Earth from the Sun. This is not a total eclipse, so the eclipse is not visible. (During a total eclipse, the Moon falls in the shadow of the Earth for hours, turning it a deep red color.)  Eclipses are significant in an astrology birth chart symbolic of going into the shadow.

Aquarius Full Moon is a time to get out of the box and do something completely different. The Zodiac sign of Aquarius in modern astrology relates to friendships, groups and associations. This month I took off to Big Sky Montana to watch the Perseid meteor shower, reconnect with dear friends, and my magical mediation teacher.  

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 Check out the full range of speaker presentations! My talk is available to download on Day 5: September 23. 

Check out the full range of speaker presentations! My talk is available to download on Day 5: September 23. 


Connect to your team and reach out friends. Aquarius is all about connecting with the team spirit and the greater gift to humanity. With the current eclipse cycle, the shadow side of this lunation could be the experience of loneliness or somehow feeling trapped emotionally. See the supportive suggestions below. Remember, the gift of Aquarius is the ability to see the big picture, detach, and rise above dense emotions.   


Supportive Suggestions for August Aquarius Lunar Eclipse:

  • Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends - Be resourceful and reach out. Get together with heartfelt friends to lift your spirits. 
  • We are in this Together or It’s not always about you - Sometimes when you are feeling low, one of the best remedies is to reach out and help someone else. Aquarius supports giving on the bigger picture. When you are being of service to others, you are in your heart and not in your head.
  • Call on Creative Inspiration from Out of this World - Be bold.  Call on “friends” from other lives or other realms. Perhaps someone you love has crossed over and can help you from the other side. Ask for support from angels, teachers and guides.  Be discerning and see who shows up!

Note where this eclipse at 25 Aquarius aligns in your personal astrology chart.  Look at your chart or request a reading to learn what area of your life is most energized. This gives the answers to where you will find great change and deep transformation in the coming year. 

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