Mercury Retrograde, Emotional Eclipses & Seven Suggestions for September Astrology

Discernment is your greatest ally this month as the Sun energizes the Zodiac sign of Virgo August 22 through September 2. You know what you want and you want to have it done right.  Only the best will do for you now. Remember, say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.

The Virgo New Moon and total solar eclipse is September 1, 2016. The Pisces Full Moon, two weeks later on September 16th, adds extra emotional intensity and energy since its near the healing point Chiron. This September eclipse series is an opportunity to let go and release any former thought patterns, possessions, or people in your life who hold you back. 


Contemplations for September 2016 Eclipses:

  • How can I best be of service to myself and to others?
  • Do I have the courage to look at my shadow, and accept all parts of me?
  • Can I openly reveal a new aspect of myself that I often don’t let others see?
  • When I let go of what is inefficient in my life or what no longer serves me, what comes rushing in?


Mercury Retrograde is August 30 to September 22.  

Slow down. Double check details. Conscious and clear communication is a major theme this month, since Mercury the messenger remains in detailed-loving Virgo through early October. 

Be kind and extra patient with yourself if you are feeling under pressure. Are you experiencing confusion, wondering what in the world is going on?  By months end, when Mercury is direct, more planet patterns support momentum with discernment, clarity and determination. 

September Mercury Retrograde is in Virgo, an Earth sign with a focus on health and healthy habits.  Take your time to take care of life’s little details.


 Saturn Sentinel - a cosmic collage by Kathryn Andren

Saturn Sentinel - a cosmic collage by Kathryn Andren


Seven Suggestions for September Astrology

1. Take time out
Create “down time” in your schedule and commit to it on the calendar. Every now and then, it’s important to have some some quiet time, all by yourself. 

2. Get organized
The devil is in the details. Life is a little easier when little details are organized. Commit to whatever it takes to get the job done!

3. Recommit to Healthy Habits
Virgo is an Earth sign, relating to the physical body. Plan ahead for some nurturing self care. Do you have rituals and routines to support your optimal health? This touches every area of life: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  A few examples: Eat healthy, work out, get a massage, recommit to your yoga or mediation practice this month.

4. Be Discerning
You are supported when you are selective with diet, people, projects and plans. Give your self an upgrade and know what you deserve. Your time and energy is valuable, so be effective and efficient!

5. Do The Work, Then Let It Go
Let go and release any former thought patterns, possessions or people in your life who hold you back. Only the best will do for you now. Analyze and assess the situation before you step into action. This month is all about doing the work. There is no escape to push something under the rug. Take care of business, trust and let go.

6. Do It Right, The First Time
Know the difference between constructive criticism and being critical. If you are experiencing criticism from yourself or others, instead of getting upset or offended, get creative and use the information to productively revise your projects and plans.

7. Tie Up Loose Ends.
September starts off with many planets in the mutable Zodiac signs: several planets in Virgo, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius squared off to Chiron and nebulous Neptune in Pisces. All these planets in the mutable signs are a signal of completion and closure. Remember Mercury Retrograde in Virgo ends at equinox on September 22. When the Sun and Jupiter meet in the cardinal sign of Libra, there is more momentum to move ahead and start something new by the end of the month. (More on the Equinox and Jupiter in Libra at the next update!) 

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Astrology Horoscopes for September 2016

For the New Moon Solar Eclipse September in Virgo and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 


Check out your Sun sign and rising sign below to dive deeper into these Virgo themes for this month!


Aries: March 20 – April 20

The solar eclipse and powerful planet alignments this month are a reminder to slow down and take care of business. Your area of healthy habits and routine is activated so make your plans and get organized! You feel more productive when you are in alignment with thoughts, words and actions.  Don’t skip ahead too far or too fast


Taurus: April 20 – May 21

All work and no play Taurus? Take time out for some serious fun! The solar eclipse September 1 activates your area of fun and romance. Set time aside for date night out with your special someone. Be creative, but you may just have to plan it out on your calendar.


Gemini: May 21 – June 21

Settle down Gemini. It’s OK to have a quiet night at home, now and then. The solar eclipse September 1 energizes your area of family and foundation. Tend to the details of home and private life this month. Reconsider all the ways you require nurturing, with self and other. Then, take good care of yourself!


Cancer: June 21 – July 22

You get the job done when you are in the right place, at the right time with the right person. The solar eclipse September 1 activates your networking and communications area. Avoid talking too much or putting your foot in your mouth. Optimize the power of your words by being selective.  Be open to reviewing your this month.


Leo: July 22 – August 23

Take it easy and take your time. While you are often the life of the party Leo, this eclipse invites you to slow down. Reassess what you truly value as planets travel through your region of finance and money this month. Take time to balance the budget so you can perfectly plan what you want and need to do!


Virgo: August 23 – September 23

Put your money where your mouth is. The Virgo New Moon and solar eclipse in your sign this month is time to take care of details and get down to business. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself? Sometimes that is what is required to do the work. You are expanded in the area of individuality and creative expression this month.


Libra: September 23 – October 23

Take care of old business early this month, Libra. The solar eclipse in your region of completions activates all the ways it is important to let go of the past and go with the flow. Just breathe. By month’s end you have more energy for all systems go!


Scorpio: October 23 – November 22

Set your sights higher Scorpio. While you like to dive deep in the privacy of your own emotions, remember you get by with a little help from your friends. The solar eclipse September 1 is a reminder to take your ideas to another level. To push your current projects or plans to move forward, team up with others and trust the power of the group. 



Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

You are in the limelight this month! Important choices are happening in many areas, but you must be impeccable with your timing. Be responsible and in integrity with words and actions, especially at work. Your area of career and public life is energized by the September 1 solar eclipse. Create something wonderful that is built to last.


Capricorn: December 21 – January 20

Stay positive. Your area of beliefs and blessings is energized by the solar eclipse on September 1. Perhaps your need to get it right is pushing you overboard or you may be completely overwhelming yourself from getting anything done at all. Be extra compassionate and caring this month. Take off on an adventure or learn something new to get a fresh perspective. 


Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

It’s time to get serious. Your ability to trust, reveal yourself, and be intimate with others is your greatest ally this month. The solar eclipse September 1 activates your area of intimacy and partnerships. Dive deep and do your emotional work. When you are discerning with your interactions with others, your choices pay off.


Pisces: February 18 – March 20

Let love rule. This September 1 solar eclipse is activating your area of partnerships and marriage. While you may go with the flow in life and love, this is a time to be more discerning with your partners or playmates. Let your lover know exactly what you want. Remember, if the relationship is worthwhile, take your time to focus and do the work.