Equinox & Exciting October Eclipses 2014

October 2014 is a very exciting time with two powerful eclipses.  First on October 8th, the Moon at 15 Aries is eclipsed near unpredictable Uranus. Then October 23, Sun and Moon meet near Venus at 1 Scorpio for a partial solar eclipse. Be sure to look at the houses in your own personal birth chart to see where these potent points energize your life. Eclipses are a time to honor hidden mysteries.  Have the courage to dive deep and savor unseen secrets.

 Full Moon is in the Sign of Aries October 8th.  Let's get it started!

Full Moon is in the Sign of Aries October 8th.  Let's get it started!


The total lunar eclipse on October 8th falls at 15 degrees on the Aries Libra axis.  Moon near Uranus in Aries energizes elevated inspiration supported by this month’s grand fire trine. Reflect what happened for you six months ago during the epic Cardinal Cross and last lunar eclipse April 13.  What part of your world is experiencing a systems reset in the realms of relationship and individuality?


The partial solar eclipse at zero Scorpio October 23 is a time to sow the seeds of intimacy as Sun and Moon meet voluptuous Venus. What do you truly value, who do you love and how you share your life force are questions to contemplate for this eclipse.

Remember, the first half of October features a grand fire trine including Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. This alignment is most potent during October 4 - 10.  Fire signs illuminate intuition and action. Trust intuition will lead you to right action, at the right place, in the right time. Mars in Sagittarius asserts optimism, Uranus in Aries instigates action while Jupiter in Leo expands heartfelt radiance. The heat is on and so it the potency to birth new projects and plans, despite Mercury retrograde October 4 - 25. 


Can you see the October eclipses? Check these links for best times and viewing locations: