I was called to move to Big Island Hawai’i in part because here is where earth, air, fire and water meet. Hidden in this image is a scene from Kalapana, where hot molten lava meets the sea. Here is where I first fell in love with Hawai’i.  Lava passionately pours into crashing waves of water, casting steam and generating smoke plumes high into the air.  As this lava cools, it creates new land, new life. It is an ultimate witness of creation.

What is required to start anew? The union of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the elements of alchemy. These elements create a cosmic blend of the four universes, the four levels of existence: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  When these worlds within are aligned, you can make magic! 

Here, a winged one stirs up a galaxy with magic of moonlight and alchemy of the elements, consciously creating new worlds.  "You are after all, your own inner universe".

Kathryn Andren