Many hours of heart’s delight

receiving stars in chill of night

I feel you friends, teachers and guides

near and far, whispering wise


The Zodiac marks time, through space

It soul’s choice to descend and find this place


Our home planet, place of birth

With gratitude we arrive on Earth

Souls descend through Sacred hoop

Ancestors align on Galactic loop


Cosmic keys and a Solstice Sun, 

My mystical man Orion

We honor four directions:  

Bull, Human, Eagle, Lion


Spontaneously in the light of day

While missing friends in garden play

Those starry scenes from black of night

Twinkle through the blue in full daylight


Not just up, or out or down

Suddenly the stars are all around

Pollux, Castor, Capella, Procyon

Regulus, heart of the Lion


There’s Queen Cassiopeia with her  crown, 

Her seven daughters staring down

There’s Aldebaran, red eye of the bull

Blue sparkling Sirius fills me full


For lifetimes, moons, I’ve stared above

Journeying through stars I love

At dawn when day star returns its light

I feel my longing for the night


These blessed stars, alive in me

Radiate wisdom for all to see

Heaven above and Earth below

One in the same, it is so


on the occasion of Spring Equinox 2014

Kathryn Andren