Inner Worlds

Folding Fabric Of Space Time ©2013

Bridge Across Time ©2013


Exploring Inner Worlds: Folding The Fabric of Space Time

A straight line is not the shortest distance between two points.”     Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time.

 Over the years, I have experienced many magical mindful meditations inspired by Sharon O’Hara, co-founder of The Growing Place. This cosmic collage is my version of time travel, portals to worlds illustrating the folding of time space with light, color and sound. Several teachers and authors have inspired my contemplation of moving though space time.

 Time is not always linear, it can fold. I remember my first insight on this as a child reading the book A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. There is an illustration of a string, first shown in a straight line, then looped to show the possibilities of folding time. Later, I read several books by Richard Bach who discusses the same principle in his book, One. In an airplane ride gone wild, this is a story of traveling through multiple lifetimes and timelines. Where to land, and how to return to here and now?  From above, it appears that all lifetimes are happening at the same time. 

Conception ©2013

zodiacal light permeating sacred hoop starlight conception

Donny Epstein, the founder of Network Spinal Care, suggests if time space is not linear, then you can find new aspects of yourself in other timelines. Holding up an oversized fancy hotel napkin with the corners in a straight line, he says “This is how we believe time works, right to left, or A to B.  What if time looks like this?”  He then crumples the fabric. His demonstration shows how many parts of the fabric may touch at various points.  Consider the possibility that the many aspects of self are able to touch across space and time. Forgive any paraphrasing, however, this is my integration of this understanding from his sharing at the premier programs: 

Imagine connecting to the lifetimes of your ancestors. Imagining your ancestors receiving all the grace and all love possible they possibly can embody and more.  Who would you be now if your ancestors had a full range of access to the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical resources available to them? What would they have done differently, and how would you be different? Embody all the lessons, from all the lifetimes of learning, integrate that awareness in you right here, right now.  

When you change who you are today it opens new potentials for your past and your future.  As you learn new strategies to access your inner resources, this new awareness changes potential timelines.  As you change and grow in the here and now, your past changes. This propels you on a new trajectory to evolve into the future and create a new you. 

In folding the fabric of space time: I move across time space in my mind’s eye. I move forward into my future and I meet my future self to give me information how I can be better and more relaxed today. I visit my former self and let the me there know it is all going to work out, even better. I bless my parents and grandparents and their parents. I travel as far back as I can imagine, I traverse the line of my ancestors. I imagining them making their best choices for their growth and evolution as souls, so I am best nurtured and supported in my current world today.


Folding the fabric of space time, focusing on my mind’s eye, I align with the wisdom of this world and other worlds, this universe and other universes. I visit soul friends, teachers and guides, from this life and other lifetimes.  I integrate the best of these gifts and blessings with ease and grace in the here and now.